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Our financial advisory firm specializes in investment advisory, portfolio management, modern portfolio strategies, alternative asset classes, financial plans and retirement planning. Montecito Capital Management brings extensive experience and expertise to individuals, businesses and institutions alike. As an affiliate with Schwab Institutional, we offer transparency, client account access and safe asset custody, along with a low fee-oriented platform. Our services have a history of providing wealth management solutions for all financial profiles at every stage of the investment cycle.

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Trusted Wealth Management Strategies & Investment Team.
'It is not what we do differently. Great minds think differently.'

"Montecito Capital Management & its principal, Kipley J. Lytel CFA, have been recognized as the Top 10% of U.S. Financial Advisors based on their competency, integrity, and various risk factors by Paladin Registry."

Montecito Capital Management was seen in FORBES as one of the
10 Most DependableTM Wealth Managers of Southern California,
as selected by Goldline Research

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